What do Autism and Asperger Syndrome look like?

We focus on creating practical, effective DVDs, articles and other resources for people with Asperger Syndrome and autism and those who support them, but we also create videos appropriate for everyone.  We have videos that teach social skills, navigating puberty, and how to succeed at work or in college.  We have videos that help family members, teachers, classmates, employers and others understand people who think differently.  We have a wealth of free articles you can read, download and share – and online links to other sites we’ve found particularly helpful.  We hope these resources can help you make a difference.

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Pushing Your Child's Limits

We don’t know our children’s limits. And that’s a good thing.

Oh, we may know the limits we see today. But they’re not locked in stone, thanks to something called neuroplasticity or “cortical re-mapping.” In layman’s terms, neuroplasticity is the ability of our brains to change as a result of our experience.

Of Special Interest

Anti-Bullying Articles

With the new school year getting underway, here's a collection of articles about preventing bullying that should be helpful to families dealing with the problem.

Dealing with Bullies