What do Autism and Asperger Syndrome look like?

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Understanding Siblings with Asperger Syndrome

A few years ago, my wife, Julie, and I made a video designed to help brothers and sisters understand siblings who have Asperger Syndrome.  We interviewed children and adults from sixteen families. While we heard a lot about sibling difficulties and challenges, we also heard a lot about solutions and support.

Because I've been reading a lot about Asperger-related problems between siblings recently, I thought I'd share some quotes from the neurotypical brothers and sisters in the video.

Of Special Interest

New Puberty DVD for Boys with Asperger Syndrome Available!

 Here's what psychologist and author Teresa Bolick has to say about "The Puberty DVD for Boys with Asperger Syndrome: "...a slam dunk, home run, touchdown, and extra point all rolled into one! The Coulters provide factual information in a way that is sensitive and accessible for any adolescent boy (or girl!). Even more importantly, the video dispels misconceptions and emphasizes respectful values for relationships and sexuality. I can't wait to share it with a long list of families of adolescents."