The Non-Optional Social Convention Solution

     In the Big Bang Theory TV show universe, physicist Sheldon Cooper has never been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. But he has many quirky behaviors common to people who have.

Turning Failure into Success in the Fourth Dimension

Ever gotten frustrated when you’ve failed?  I have.  It’s especially hard when you feel that you’re somehow failing as a parent – or that your child is failing at something and you can’t fix the problem.

If you’re trying hard and you’ve made repeated attempts, it can be especially disheartening.

But even this kind of failure can be a step toward success.

Briefing Teachers About Your Child

 It can take any teacher a while to figure out the strengths and challenges of children at the beginning of a school year.   A child with Asperger Syndrome, or a similar autism spectrum disorder, may not benefit from waiting to be figured out.

First Day of School Success Tips

Most of us can remember some wonderful and terrible things about school. In many ways, the first day of class can set the tone for a whole school year. If you have a child with special needs, you can help lay the groundwork for a successful year’s launch with some basic preparations.

We're Family

Who’s in your family?

It may be larger than you think.

Generating Good Surprises


Damon Runyon, author of the play, "Guys and Dolls" once said, "The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet."

Whatever races and battles you’re dealing with, life is full of surprises.

The Power of Apology


When’s the last time you apologized to one of your kids? Of course, maybe you don’t ever do anything that requires an apology.

If so, you are a very rare person.

What's Wrong With Your Child?

My wife, Julie, and I were in church before the service recently and a woman came up and told Julie how nice it was that she’d brought our son Drew to their Sunday School class last week. “You really can’t tell that there’s anything…” She didn’t finish the sentence, probably realizing how something like “anything wrong with him,” would sound.

Writing Kids Off Is Not An Option

If you’re a parent or teacher or coach or youth leader, have you ever been tempted to write a child off? To expect little or nothing and put your efforts elsewhere? For an hour or a day or even permanently? Have you ever felt justified because a child was uncooperative or disinterested or disruptive?

Learning Self-Advocacy Skills


A new school year will start in a few short months.  What's the most important skill your high school student can work on this summer? Run a list of candidate skills through your head.  It’s a good exercise.

Was self-advocacy on your short list?  I think I can make a good case that it should be.

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