Manners Social Skills DVD Video and Asperger Syndrome

Our "MANNERS FOR THE REAL WORLD - Basic Social Skills" video features straightforward descriptions and clear demonstrations of the right behaviors for common social situations.  This can make it a helpful tool in teaching a child with Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism some extremely useful social skills.Our son Drew, who has Asperger Syndrome, has always learned best if we give him a clear understanding of how we expect him to behave before he's in a situation -- and lots of positive reinforcement when he applies what he's learned.  

We divided this Manners/Social Skills video into segments, so it's easy to focus on one set of behaviors at a time.  We recommend letting your child view the entire video, then working with your child to repeatedly view and practice to master one skill set at a time.  If you approach each skill set in manageable portions, you can help your child build on each success.  Younger children routinely want to imitate older children, so we feature teenagers of various ages in our demonstrations to make them relevant for children from upper elementary through senior high school.  

We also include interactions between teenagers and adults. We're delighted each time we see our son properly greet someone, make eye contact, and hold a conversation without dominating it.  We hope this video can help others develop important social skills to interact comfortably with a variety of people.

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